Boskalis operates around the world and is a leading player in the fields of dredging, offshore energy and maritime services. The company is a frontrunner in many of its markets thanks to its ability to deliver innovative all-round solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of specialist activities. More than 10,000 dedicated professionals and a versatile fleet with value-adding potential are the cornerstones of the Boskalis business model. Disciplined execution of the strategy, which is reviewed regularly in light of relevant market developments, is a key factor in our success.

Updated Corporate Business Plan

Our strategy is elaborated in our Corporate Business Plan. At the beginning of March 2020, we presented our Corporate Business Plan for 2020-2022. What was expected to be the promising start of an auspicious new business plan period turned into a time during which the COVID-19 pandemic dictated our daily lives. Despite the greatly changed conditions, significant progress was made with the execution of nearly all of the strategic actions detailed in our business plan while a few initiatives and investments were rephased as opposed to cancelled altogether. Nevertheless, we considered a comprehensive review of the current business plan was called for once the mid- to long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic became less ambiguous. Consequently, during the second half of 2021, we reviewed the key long-term trends that underpin the Boskalis business model as well as the short- and mid-term development of our relevant end-markets. This has resulted in an update of our Corporate Business Plan. 

Strategic framework

The Boskalis strategy is a logical progression from our purpose and mission.

  • Purpose - We create and protect welfare and advance the energy transition.
  • Mission - We strive to be the leading dredging and marine contracting experts, creating new horizons for all our stakeholders.

Our strategy is structured around three activity clusters and the value they bring to society with the objective of creating sustainable growth:

  • Create Innovative Infrastructure: we facilitate world trade, support economic development, and create infrastructure and new land for society;
  • Advance the Energy Transition: we help expand access to renewable power and facilitate the energy transition by developing infrastructure to deliver affordable and clean energy; and
  • Protect through Climate Adaptation: we help protect populations and the natural environment from the consequences of climate change, such as rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions through our coastal defense and riverbank protection activities. 

Our sustainable growth trajectory for the coming period is based on three pillars: Good Stewardship, Human Excellence and Distinguishing Assets.


Sustainable growth strategy

Good Stewardship

Good Stewardship

Good Stewardship dictates effective management of risks and opportunities related to our business, and is thereby pivotal to our ability to achieve sustainable growth.

Distinguishing assets

Distinguishing assets

Together with our human capital, Boskalis’ strength lies in its ability to deploy proprietary, distinguishing assets

Human Excellence

Human Excellence

More than ever, people will be the decisive factor and the key to our success. In addition to recruiting the right professionals extra initiatives are being taken to further improve internal mobility and to provide the best possible guidance and development for talent inside the company. In addition, we will continue to focus on renewing and optimizing the HR processes in the areas of performance management, talent and leadership development, knowledge sharing and employee engagement.

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