Planning and installation of offshore wind farms can be challenging because of harsh environmental conditions, heterogeneous soil profiles and scheduling risks. Locations are remote, waves are long and the wind turbine sizes are increasing. With Boskalis as your partner you can rely on our expertise, experience and commitment to execute operations safely, on time and within budget.

Seabed preparation, installation of wind turbine foundations and offshore high voltage stations, as well as installation of infield and export cables  involves numerous disciplines, contractors and suppliers. When properly managed this results in simplified interfaces and effective solutions.

With our successful track record of installing wind farm foundations you can rely on our commitment to execute efficient, safe and reliable operations.

The alignment between our in-house environmental and geotechnical knowledge, marine engineering capabilities, feeder port logistics, project management and procurement, helps us develop cost-effective project solutions. Combining this with our cable-laying capabilities enables us to offer turnkey solutions for the development of offshore wind farms. Our versatile fleet of vessels and our fleet management capabilities allow us to select the most effective installation spreads that will bring transport and installation activities well within project timelines and budgets.

Unexploded ordnance survey and removal

Our offshore specialists work with the latest technology to locate, classify and recover ordnance in the offshore area and in coastal and shallow water zones.

Foundation installation

Boskalis offers innovative solutions for the installation of various foundations for offshore wind turbines, such as monopiles and (suction bucket) jackets. Services also include seabed preparations, grouting and the installation of transition pieces.

Subsea cable installation

Boskalis offers a full package of solutions for the installation of export and inter array cables, including integral management and execution of maintenance of Balance of Plant for offshore wind farms and grids.

Diving and ROV services

By using air diving, saturation diving and remotely operated vehicles, we provide innovative subsea inspection, repair and maintenance as well as construction and decommissioning services for offshore wind projects.

High voltage stations

Boskalis provides pre- and post-installation, transportation, scour protection and inspection, repair and maintenance services for OHVS platforms.

Seabed preparation and scour protection

Boskalis’ dynamically positioned fallpipe vessels are deployed to provide scour protection for offshore wind turbines and platforms.

Our installation solutions

We design, manage, transport and install offshore wind turbine foundations and fully integrated high voltage stations to clients’ specifications. We deliver powerful results while minimizing risks and project complexities inherent to offshore installation.

Bringing power to shore

Connecting offshore wind farms in the North Sea to the Dutch power grid
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